With winter in full swing, the natural elements are constantly stripping at your home’s exterior stability and interior comfort. As a homeowner, there are few steps you can take to maximize your home’s durability during the winter months. By taking on these steps, you’ll be able to establish an overall more comfortable and sturdy home.


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●        Replace Drafty Windows & Doors

When windows and doors become worn down and weakened, they allow cool outside air into your home. Drafty windows and doors can cause your home to lose efficiency and drive up your energy bills. By replacing your faulty windows and doors during the fall, you’ll be better able to protect your home from the freezing winter temperatures. You’ll also be able to enhance your home’s efficiency and save money on skyrocketing energy bills.


●        Replace Insulation

Not only does worn-down insulation create a cold and uncomfortable interior environment, but it also allows moisture to damage your home’s foundation. If you think your home’s insulation is past its prime state, contact Intelligent Design Corp to schedule a professional insulation replacement service.


●        Repair Siding Ahead of Time

Broken siding can leave your home’s foundation exposed to harsh winter elements. This will result in cold indoor temperatures and fast structural deterioration. By closely inspecting and promptly repairing any siding damage, you’ll be able to better protect your home during the winter months.


●        Clean Your Gutters

When the snow falls and ice accumulates, you’ll want your gutters to properly escort water away from your home. When you forget to clean your gutters, leaves and other debris can cause the system to become clogged and start to malfunction. Stay ahead of gutter damage by cleaning your gutters out at least twice a year.


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Minnesota winters can cause your home’s features to become severely worn down and damaged. After a few months, your home’s comfort and energy efficiency will start to deteriorate. If you want to prolong your home’s lifespan and durability, make sure you take the steps necessary to properly protect your home during the winter months.


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