When installing a new roof on your building, you don’t want to waste any time or money on materials that won’t last long. Additionally, you may feel an obligation to minimize your carbon footprint by installing materials that aren’t harmful to the environment. By achieving both of these desires, you’ll be able to take a part in what’s called sustainable roofing.


Our contractors can help you achieve your goal of sustainable roofing. There are several ways you can establish a sustainable roof including utilizing green rating systems and building codes, installing recycled roofing materials, and installing a roof that is capable of supporting solar panels. We can help you bring your sustainable roof to life with our expert contracting services. When you’re ready to take on your roofing project, give us a call at 763-315-0745.

Steps to Achieve Sustainable Roofing

Establishing a sustainable roof does require extensive planning, knowledge, and professional installation. However, with the help of Intelligent Desing Corp, you’ll be able to successfully complete the process and start making the most of your new roof. Our team is able to add a sustainable roof to your building by completing several stages:


●        Design & Development

Prior to installing your new roof, we’ll need to develop a thorough design of the project. Architects and other contract professionals will determine the necessary arrangements to create a roof that is sustainable and long-lasting. They’ll ensure the design contains the drainage and other features necessary to enhance its efficiency. They’ll also determine the best materials for disposal when the roof does reach the end of its lifespan.


●        Material Selection

We’ll help you with selecting natural materials for your roof that leave a smaller impact on the environment. We’ll also ensure that these materials are sustainably sourced and are capable of serving your building for years to come.


●        Installation

After gathering all of the necessary materials and carefully assessing the design, we’ll securely install your new roof. We’ll utlize sustainable measures, such as intrusive inputs, to maximize its performance and security.


Your roof’s lifespan is highly dependent on the environment’s weather conditions and natural elements. However, as long as the materials are made of durable and sustainable contents you can feel confident in its structure and envrionmental impact. We’ll also ensure the materials are properly installed so you can count on your roof to protect your building for many years to come.


Intelligent Design Corp is ready to help you add sustainable roofing to your building’s design. We bring quality craftsmanship and high-quality results to every project. To get started with a free quote, contact us today at 763-315-0745.