As the temperature continues to cool and the fall season settles in, homeowners in Minnesota prepare to start their next round of house projects. Fall marks as an ideal season to take on one house project in particular: deck construction!


While you may think that building a deck right before winter sounds odd, there are actually several reasons why fall makes for an excellent time to take on this project. With the help of the professional contractors at Intelligent Design Corp, you’ll have a beautiful new deck ready for you when spring arrives.


●        More Availability

Between family vacations and busy work schedules, finding a time to build your deck during the summer can be a challenge. Fall provides more availability to focus on your project without other commitments getting in the way. We also tend to have a more open schedule during the fall here at Intelligent Design Corp, so you can get your deck building service finished more quickly!


●        Greater Yard Protection

Because the ground becomes harder as the temperature drops, it is less susceptible to divots and other forms of damage that may occur during your deck project. Our trained contractors will use precision and experience to leave your landscape in the best condition possible.


●        Ready for Spring

When you complete your deck project in the fall, you can look forward to having the new space in your backyard the very next spring and summer. You can start planning parties, family gatherings, and other summer activities knowing that your deck will be ready to host.


●        On-Sale Materials and Pieces

Various supplies, materials, and other tools that are required for a deck building can sell for costly prices during the summer. However, one of the benefits to building your deck during the fall are all of the off-season sales and prices you can receive on the necessary martials and tools.

Your Team of Deck Builders

If you’re ready to get started on your next deck project and set your home up for a new outdoor space, Intelligent Design Corp is ready to help. Our team of experienced contractors will work diligently to ensure your deck is expertly constructed and installed. We’ll utilize consistent communication and top-notch craftsmanship so that the finished results meets your design expectations.


To schedule your next deck service with our team, contact Intelligent Design Corp today at 763-315-0745. We look forward to working with you!