Fall in Minnesota means freezing temperatures and powerful blizzard conditions are right around the corner. As a homeowner, an important responsibility you have is ensuring every part of your home is ready to take on the winter elements.


One of the most critical components homeowners should take time to winterize are the windows. Intelligent Design Corp is can assist you with any window replacement or service to help you prepare your home for the winter. In addition to replacing your old, drafty windows with a new set, you can also follow these steps to prepare your windows for the winter:


●        Seal Your Windows

A common issue homeowners in Minnesota experience in the winter are airleaks coming through cracks around their windows even when they’re shut securely. This is where weatherstripping comes in handy. You can install a foam, rubber, plastic, or metal strip around your window to keep any excess cold air out of your home. There are a variety of materials and methods for weatherstripping depending on your home’s window style.


●        Hang Up Drapes or Curtains

While you may want lightweight curtains during the summer, you may want to transition to darker and heavier drapes during the winter. The heavy material will help keep pesky drafts out of your home’s atmosphere.


●        Install Additional Insulation Film

Another method of keeping the cold air out during the winter is applying double sided tape to the window’s interior. You can remove any wrinkles or airbubble by running a hair dryer or other heated device over the tape. This will ensure no cold hair moves through small cracks on your windows’ edges.


●        Professional Window Replacement

Sometimes no matter the steps you take, your windows are simply too worn down and old to properly protect your home’s comfort. If cold air continues to access your home’s interior even after you’ve applied drapes, insulation, or weatherstripping, you should consider having your windows replaced.

Your Team of Window Replacement Contractors

Intelligent Design Corp brings a team of experienced window contractors to every window replacement project. We’ll securely and durably install high-quality windows so you can stay comfortable and protected this winter.


Between high winds and dangerously low temperatures, enduring a Minnesota winter with compromised windows simply isn’t an option. Schedule your window replacement service today! You can reach Intelligent Design Corp by filling out our contact form or calling us at 763-315-0745.