After you’ve experienced a disaster like a fire or hurricane, it seems like the real work begins. The list of things to do seems endless, and it can seem as if you don’t have enough energy to face the situation. Fortunately, local disaster restoration companies like Intelligent Design in Minneapolis can help you restore your home for your family.

Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company First

Once you know that the fire has stopped burning, or the weather has calmed, you must contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Your homeowner’s insurance provider is your partner during times of emergencies. With the right homeowner’s insurance policy, you may have the financial backing you need to get your home restored without touching your savings account.

Get Quotes from Local Restoration Contractors

After you have contacted your homeowner’s insurance company, but before you have returned to your home, you must call a local restoration company like Intelligent Design. Disaster restoration companies work with insurance companies to ensure that your home is restored based on the budget prescribed by your insurance company, which saves you money. Additionally, they work quickly to ensure that you are back in your home as soon as possible.

Solicit Advice from Restoration Contractors

Beyond the physical structure of your home, your personal items have been damaged as well. Family heirlooms and keepsakes are irreplaceable when you consider their sentimentality. Fortunately, your restoration contractor can help you recover some of your items. After you’ve collected everything you can potentially salvage, ask your contractor about tips and techniques they use in the industry to reduce the damage caused by flooding or smoke. With a little help from them, you can easily recover some family heirlooms.

Experiencing a disaster is tough, but the restoration that follows can be even more challenging. It’s likely that you don’t know where to start following a disaster if you’ve never experienced one. Fortunately, in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, you can enlist the help of Intelligent Design, a locally-operated restoration company that has years of experience helping families restore their homes following a disaster.