Decks enhance the look of homes. They provide a great way for families to enjoy their outdoor space at their convenience. However, decks tend to be an afterthought when it comes to making home improvements. The fact that it’s an outdoor structure, which may take less of a priority over other aspects of your home improvement project, makes it one of the last renovations homeowners do to their home.

At Intelligent Design, we have years of experience working on decks. As a result, we wanted to share a few benefits to adding decks that you may have overlooked.

Decks Add Livable Space to Your Home

It’s no secret that more space in your home increases the value of your home. If you are like most people, you only consider your rooms in your home when you are adding space. However, building a deck onto your home is considered adding livable space; therefore, it would be included in the overall square footage of your home.

Save Money by Expanding with a Deck

When you compare the cost of adding a deck to adding a room in your house, you save money when you choose to expand with a deck. Depending on where you live, you could spend more than $100 per square foot when you add a room. Conversely, adding a deck may be a fourth of the cost of adding a room.

Decks Are Inviting

In a time where many people rely on the Internet to have conversations, decks are needed. With a well-designed deck, your home will be the unofficial place to hold gatherings. From your children’s friends to your friends, you can host a variety of get-togethers throughout the year, allowing you to have in-person conversations, the old fashion way. Effectively, adding a deck will help you relieve stress by enabling you to entertain more.