Hail can wreak havoc on your property. It can damage your house, your car, and other possessions. If you're determining what damage was caused by the hail storm, there are certain characteristics of the damage that stand out.

Wind is one cause of the damage. Sometimes the severity of the wind increases the amount of damage the hail does. The size and density of the hailstones also will impact the damage. A majority of them aren't completely smooth, which makes the havoc they wreaked even greater. Another factor that has an impact is the building materials used on your roof.

A hail-damaged roof will look different based on the type of roofing you have. For instance, a hail-damaged roof comprised of asphalt or composite shingles will look black in color where the hailstones landed. There won't be any pattern to the dents. You may notice the roof lost granules and felt is showing. The shingles may look shiny and feel soft.  On wooden shingles, there isn't a pattern to the damage. There may be splits in the shingle that appear brown/orange in color and have sharp corners. The split won't have much deterioration around its perimeter. However, there may be dents or marks where the splits are.

Make sure you're examining your roof on a regular basis. The characteristics mentioned above are possible from other causes besides hail damage. In some cases, it's damage that occurred over time and is not covered by your insurance, although a roofing company can assist nevertheless. Sometimes, sun damage and exposure to other weather make the shingles brittle. They'll look aged and may split. Granule loss, cracking, algae, flaking and blistering all are classic signs of normal wear and tear but are oftentimes mistaken for hail damage.

Whether you have a hail-damaged roof or damage from normal wear and tear, iDesign Corporation can assist. Our expert team has the ability to correct the problem easily and efficiently. We identify the problem and quickly determine a solution to fit your needs, budget and desire.