The construction of your home is a long process that costs a great deal of money. Obviously, you want to do strive to keep your home looking the same or better throughout the years. One way to do so is by protecting your home from storm damage since the average amount of damage a storm does costs the U.S. over one billion dollars.

The brunt of the damage from a winter or other season storm happens to the roof and will require a repair from a roofing contractor. However, you can prevent this by hiring a roofing contractor to perform preventative measures to protect your roof. You may want to consider using roof straps as a way to secure the roof when high winds are expected to sweep through your area. Additionally, you should evaluate your shingles on a regular basis to check for loose or broken ones. Replace broken shingles and use roofing cement to secure any loose ones. Loose shingles allow water to seep through more easily. Plus, the loose shingles may fly and damage other areas of your roof.

Tree removal or trimming is essential in saving your roof from the dangers of a storm. Dead or weak branches can come off during high winds and if there's an overabundance of snow or rain. Trees should regularly be trimmed, and dead trees need to be removed completely. Any time a tree hangs over a roof, whether it's dead or alive, it can cause problems and not just during a storm.

If you're siding is older, you may want to consider an upgrade. Newer vinyl has the ability to protect against wind damage up to 250 miles per hour. Not to mention, it will make an improvement on your home's esthetic appeal and possibly its value. If you have any damage done to your siding, repair it immediately because storms will make it worse and cause problems with the structure underneath the home.

Make sure you have insurance on your home. If you live in an area prone to flooding, make sure you have flood insurance because it's not always covered on a standard policy.

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