As industries evolve, more technology is being implemented to create a transformational way of streamlining old processes. 

While inspectors might still climb up on the roof, this isn't always a safe option, especially if they know there's damage or areas of concern. Specialized tech is changing the inspection process, making it safer and more streamlined. 

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Thermal Imaging Is Taking the Stage

Thermal imaging was introduced in the 1980s and has become an invaluable tool in many different fields. It captures images of the roof surface temperature and any variations, which could include leaks and gaps in the insulation that may not be easily spotted. 

The cameras can also pick up spaces retaining moisture, helping prevent mold growth and interior damage while providing better accuracy in spot issues.

Drones Are Enhancing Safety

It seems like drones are everywhere now, and they're a great addition to roofing inspections, which are typically time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

With the 55% increase in safety standards in the construction industry in the past year directly related to drones, using them to make roofing inspections safer and easier makes perfect sense.

Drones remove the need for inspectors to walk on unsafe roofs or climb ladders. They can easily and quickly access hard-to-reach areas and provide detailed data outlining the smallest leaks or cracks. 

They're also remote, which means the inspector can do their job from anywhere, collecting the data for more flexibility and convenience for the customer and the business owner..

AI Software Is Streamlining Processes

AI is being integrated into roofing inspections because of its ability to streamline the process. It can analyze data from imagery, and its algorithms will more accurately measure material quantities and roof dimensions. 

They can even help with more accurate price estimates and create enhanced sustainability options for eco-friendly property owners. 

AI’s predictive maintenance removes the chance of errors. It can optimize the durability of roofing systems because the assessments are more accurate and prevent potential issues before they become large ones.

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Advanced tech is changing how roofing inspections are completed, and it's becoming the standard for keeping workers safer and getting more accurate assessments. If it's time for a residential or commercial roofing inspection or you need remodeling and restoration services, you only want the best in the business.

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