Your commercial roofing keeps everything together. It is a critical component of your building’s structure. Hail damage can cause significant problems that lead to internal problems that can become costly if you ignore them.

At Intelligent Design Corp, we have found that there are a few problems that could result from hail damage that you should be aware of in advance. By knowing what to look for you can take measures to prevent to eliminate the problem before it becomes exacerbated.

Adhesive Deterioration

There are a lot of potential protrusions on your roof. To ensure that you have no leaks, many of these protrusions have adhesives around the them to prevent rain water from entering the building. Ultimately, the adhesives work for years. However, if you experience a hail storm, it’s possible that the impact of the hail compromised the adhesives. If this happened, then your chances of having a roof leak are increased. We can help you repair your adhesive and prevent mold and water from compromising the inside of your building.

Punctures in Your Roof

The size and the velocity of hail can have minor or catastrophic effects on your roof. If you happen to experience a severe hail storm, then it’s likely that your roof will take a beating. High velocity and larger balls of hail could lead to punctures. If this happens, then you can expect your energy bill to increase. Additionally, you will likely have leaks when it rains.

Moisture Damage

Another problem associated with hail damage is moisture. As previously described, a hail storm can lead to punctures and leaks. If this happens, then your business will become a breeding ground for mold and other fungus. The presence of mold and mildew is a health problem to your employees. Instead of exposing your business to potential law suits, we can help you remedy the problems with your commercial roofing.

Cracked Shingles

Shingles complement your roof. They help protect the inside of your building from the elements. However, if you experience hail damage, then your shingles may not offer you the protection you need. Hail can displace shingles and cause them to crack. Once your shingles are compromised, the shingles can’t protect your roof effectively.

At Intelligent Design Corp, we understand the damage you can sustain from a hail storm. We are here to ensure that the damage doesn’t get worse than it is by helping you with your roofing repairs. If you think your commercial roofing is compromised due to hail damage, give us a call today.