The floors have been laid, the interior painting finished—your basement is now officially a habitable space! Fraught with decorative possibilities, your finished basement can be used for all sorts of things, so where do you even begin?

As strange as it sounds, the amount of opportunity that comes with a finished basement means that some homeowners become paralyzed simply trying to visualize what use they want out of the space. Sure, you may have had a few intentions when you upgraded the flooring and walls, but after that—the sky is the limit, isn’t it?

Intelligent Design Corporation is here to help. Below we’ll talk about a few finished results your home remodeling company can help you achieve with your new basement.

Create a “Hobby” Zone

With dark hardwoods, tall bookshelves, and a fuzzy rug to boot, many basements make great little nooks for reading, family board games, or quiet cross-stitching. Instead of having hobby paraphernalia scattered about the kitchen table and counters, consider confining it to your new basement instead. Not only will you create a space where you can pursue your hobbies in peace, but you’ll also keep your home all the more organized.

As a bonus, it also can double as a sitting room for entertaining or hosting friends, especially if you have a family member who loves to experiment with mixing drinks. Full bar, anyone?

Store Family Heirlooms in Style

Valuable family pieces deserve better than collecting dust on a shelf in a neglected corner of the living room. Consider a new stylish shelf to display the fine china in a new light. Indeed, basements, when properly guarded against water damage, make great display spots for those important pieces that otherwise would just take up space. Where else would you put your late grandfather’s beloved piano that nobody in the family currently plays?

Go All-Out Movie Theater Mode

Snacks? Check. Lights down? Check. Massive TV? You know it! With the right wall color, soft rugs, and comfy sofas, you can transform your new basement into a movie-goer’s paradise. Catch all the newest flicks from the comfort of a space you helped design and that your home remodeling company helped bring to life.

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