It’s no secret that summer is a long-awaited season in Minnesota. After months of enduring freezing temperatures and harsh winds, we can finally get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. However, despite how good the summer weather might feel to us, these warmer months can have some damaging effects on your home.


There are several ways you can maintain your home during the summer months to avoid any costly damages. By following these maintenance tips, you’ll be able to prolong your home’s comfort and security.


●        Sun Damage

As temperatures rise and the sunlight becomes more intense, your roof, deck, and siding can become damaged. Humidity and heat can cause wood siding to expand and contract, resulting in cracking and splitting. This can also cause your deck to become susceptible to greater damage. In addition to compromising the durability of your home, harsh sunlight can also cause your outdoor furniture to fade and lose its vibrancy and visual appeal.


There are several ways you can combat the forces of intense sunlight. By adding elements of shading, such as an awning or pergola, you can protect your deck and siding from sunlight more efficiently. Even smaller additions such as umbrellas can make a huge difference.


By adding elements of shade around your home, you can help prevent various forms of damage caused by excessive sunlight.


●        Damage From Water

Keeping an eye out for broken gutters and shingles will protect your home from experiencing water damage during the summer months. Shingles and gutter systems are designed to safely guide water away from your home during rainstorms. When these elements are broken, your home’s foundation can suffer greatly.


By staying on top of gutter and roof repairs, you’ll be able to effectively protect your home from taking on water damage.


●        Falling Debris and High Winds

Sometimes summer weather can come accompanied by intense winds that threaten the integrity of your home. During particularly severe weather conditions, high winds can cause trees and branches toward your home’s exterior.


To prevent severe damage caused by high winds, remember to routinely maintain and trim overhanging trees and branches surrounding your home. You should also sweep your yard of any toys, gardening tools, and other objects capable of being swept up toward your home.


If your home experiences damage from a recent severe weather storm, be sure to contact Intelligent Design Corp for prompt and efficient repair services.

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