The damage a hail storm leaves behind on your home can be devastating. You will need to contact a reputable contractor to repair the damage, but before you get the chance to call them there are several steps you can take to start recovering from the storm’s impact.

You should always take safety precautions while assessing damage after a recent storm. After analyzing the damage, make sure you report your findings to your roofing and exterior repair contractor.

●        Windows

Walk around your home and take note of any broken windows and loose glass. Make sure you wear thick boots while inspecting windows, as there could be loose glass capable of injuring you. If you do notice broken windows, cover the area with plywood to prevent any injury or water damage while you wait for the contractors to arrive to your home.

●        Roof

Hail can cause a lot of damage to your home’s roof. Because your roof plays an important role in protecting your home, you should take the time to assess any potentially broken areas after a storm hits. When assessing the roof, remember to also take a look at the gutters, soffits, and fascia in addition to the shingles.

●        Siding

Another part of your home that can suffer damage from a hail storm is your house’s siding. Extreme hail can cause your home’s siding to crack, split, and break away, which then puts your home at risk of water damage. While you’re waiting for the contractor to arrive, take a moment to walk around your home and see if you can spot any areas of hail damage on your siding.

●        Doors

Doors with glass, such as entry doors with windows or patio doors, are susceptible to hail damage. Examine your doors for broken glass and torn porch door screens and inform your contractor of the damage when they call or arrive.

●        Landscape

The shrubs, trees, and flowers around your house can suffer damage after a severe hail storm. If you’re growing vegetables and other plants around your home, you should inspect them to make sure they’re able to recover.


While hail damage can seem overwhelming and disheartening, there are steps you can take to improve your situation. Get a jump start on locating your home’s hail damage by inspecting these areas.

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