Minnesota is known for its particularly cold winters. The battle to keep your home warm can seem never-ending during the winter months. From taking advantage of sunny days to replacing your old windows, there are several steps you can take to heat up your home. Keep your home warm this winter by following these tips.


Take Advantage of Sunlight | A bright sun can supply your home with natural heat. During sunny days in the winter, be sure to open your blinds and curtains to let the sun warm your home.


Put Your Fan In Reverse | In many homes, ceiling fans remain still throughout the winter months. There is, however, a “reverse” feature on some ceiling fans that are meant to be useful during the winter. This feature allows the fan to move clockwise, rather than counter-clockwise. The fan pushes rising heat back down into the room so it can keep the space warm.


Make Sure Furniture Isn’t Blocking Vents | If you’re noticing a room is particularly cooler than the others, check where your furniture is sitting. Couches, beds, and other large pieces can block warm air coming through the vents.


Insulate Your Attic | If you notice your home is especially drafty in the winter, you should consider having insulation installed in your attic. Properly insulating your attic can result in greater energy efficiency for your home. At Intelligent Desing Corp, we provide professional attic insulation services to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable.


Replace Your Windows | Old windows tend to create drafts and generate air leaks. This results in loss of energy and heat. Not only does your house feel cooler, but your heater will also need to work harder to keep your house warm which results in higher monthly heating bills. At Intelligent Desing Corp, we supply a team of experienced contractors that can professionally and efficiently install high-quality windows.


Replace Your Doors | Similar to windows, old, worn down doors can generate air leaks and create a drafty environment. Our team of contractors at Intelligent Design Corp can assist you with securely installing new, energy-efficient doors.


Take on cold Minnesota winters by practicing these simple steps. At Intelligent Design Corpp, we want to help you keep your home warm and comfortable, which is why we are happy to provide our installation and home improvement services. To learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your home warm this winter, contact Intelligent Design Corp today.