Choosing new windows for your home or building can be difficult. There are a vast array of window designs available, each with its own pros and cons. You may want your home or building to emminnate a certain feel, which is contingent on the design. Windows are some of the most visible aspects of any building and should be chosen with care. Even if you believe you know what you want, you should still contact an expert so they can walk you through the pros and cons of certain designs. Here, our experts at Intelligent Design Corporation will walk you through some things to consider before choosing your window design.

What is Your Personal Style?

In addition to considering the style of your home or building, you should also consider your own style when you are looking at windows. Based on what you like, our experts can help you choose which designs are best for you and help you find the design you love. Here are a few different architectural styles to consider when you are looking to remodel:

●        Farmhouse

●        Craftsman

●        Midcentury

●        Tudor

●        Modern

●        Victorian

●        Contemporary

Where are the Windows Located?

Your choice in windows will largely depend on where you want them installed. Our experts can help you choose your types of windows and their locations by narrowing down your wants for certain spaces. If you want a window that allows you to see your kids playing the backyard or to look at nature, we can recommend locations and specific brands or make a different recommendation if you simply want to brighten up the interior of a certain room.

Why are Sliding Windows Popular?

Sliding and gliding windows are extremely popular for many homeowners. Sliding or gliding windows are easy to open, clean, and safe. Not only are they easy to open, but they also provide great ventilation for your home or business. Additionally, you can get them in two or three-section sliders, which allows you to customize your look..

What are Window Casings?

Similar to the baseboards and trim that accompany your interior rooms, window casings provide additional design and make your home or business feel complete. Casings are a type of molding that goes around the edges of your window frame. There are a variety of different casings to fit everyone’s desires, including:

●        Low profile casing

●        High profile casing

●        Complete casing

●        Traditional casing

●        Modern casing

Why is Ventilation Important?

By strategically placing windows throughout your property, you automatically increase the ventilation in your home or business. Providing ventilation increases the fresh air throughout the space, which is refreshing for you and your family, or employees in your business. Windows placed directly across from each other also provide cross-ventilation, which helps cool down rooms.

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