Every dollar you spend on your roof is a significant investment that improves the state of your home and increases your property’s market value. A roof in top-notch condition contributes more to your home’s efficiency, safety, and comfort than any other component within the structure.


For this reason, you should weigh the outcome of every choice you make regarding your roof. The most important decision you should consider is the roofing company you hire to complete your upcoming roofing project.


Let’s take a closer look at what you should expect from a professional roofing company.

Professional Qualifications

As roofing technology becomes more advanced, roofers can no longer depend on their natural abilities and a good names to gain consumer confidence. They must demonstrate they have received the proper training and experience necessary to work on any type of residential or commercial roofing system.


To distinguish their company in a market that is cluttered with false claims and lack of accountability, contractors must now provide professional documentation to secure a job. Without credentials, a contractor can take advantage of you or deny your complaint without being legally liable for their work.


Therefore, before you hire a company to work on your roof, you should require the roofer to present the following documents:

●      Licensure

Roofing contractors are not required to hold a state license in Minnesota. However, each city in Minnesota establishes its own licensing laws. The Roofing Contractors Association of Minnesota offers a voluntary statewide licensing program that allows roofers to acquire a license to operate in any city.


While licensing is not required, it is valuable. A contractor that is willing to obtain a license demonstrates that they are qualified to work on a roof and that they are committed to their profession. Contractors must pass an exam to receive a license. Therefore, they demonstrate competency in their industry and garner trust from potential clients.

●      Certification

The Roofing Contractors Association of Minnesota sponsors a certification program for roofing contractors to earn specialized credentials. Roofing certification gives contractors legitimacy by requiring them to increase their skills and knowledge in the industry.


To qualify for certification, an individual must pass two exams and carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Once they obtain certification, a contractor must renew their certification every two years. As an incentive to hire a certified roofer, the Minnesota Department of Insurance allows you to receive a reduction in your insurance premiums when you provide signed documentation that a certified contractor installed your roof.

●      Manufacturer or Factory Certification

Manufacturers offer contractor certification programs to ensure that their products are installed according to factory specifications. When a manufacturer awards certification to a contractor, the manufacturer is stating that the roofer has the proper training and skill necessary to install their products on any residential or commercial home.


For example, GAF, a leading roofing manufacturer, conducts a rigorous and thorough training program for contractors to guarantee exceptional installation, repair, and maintenance of their roofing materials. So, when a contractor makes the claim that they are GAF Factory Certified Roofers, it means that they have demonstrated consistent quality workmanship and proper implementation of GAF roofing materials.

●      Proof of Insurance

The State of Minnesota requires trade contractors including roofing companies to carry the following insurance:


●        Workers Compensation and Liability: $1,000,000 bodily injury or disease

●        Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL): $1,000,000 each occurrence for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, products and job completion, or a general sum of $200,000.

Professional Minneapolis Roofing Company

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