The most critical component of a contractor's estimate is transparency. Meaning, there should be zero ambiguity regarding the work, materials, policies, and procedures of the company. As you request multiple estimates from contractors, scrutinize each one in detail to make a side-by-side comparison.


Remember, the estimate is the last stop before you choose a roofing contractor. Take extra time to understand what you are committing to before you sign a contract. Do not hesitate to ask questions about any item that you do not understand.


At a minimum, a roof contractor estimate should contain the following:


●        The scope of work. The scope of work outlines in detail the work that the contractor will undertake to complete the job according to your specifications.

●        Job duration & deadline. The contractor should be clear on when you can expect the work crew to start and finish the job. Keep in mind that weather is always a factor when launching a roofing project. Be sure to discuss weather-related issues with the roofer.

●        Materials & labor. The estimate should include all materials, supplies, and labor during the work. The contractor should itemize all materials.

●        Deposit & payment schedule. A typical payment schedule may include an initial deposit, a second payment when roofing materials arrive, and a final payment upon job completion. Therefore, the deposit should not exceed one-third of the total cost of the job.

●        Explanation of liabilities. The contractor explains how their liability insurance will cover accidents or property damage that occurs during the job.

●        Guarantee of work. If there is an issue with the roof after the job is complete, the contractor should include their policies and what they will do to correct a problem.

●        Workmanship & manufacturer warranty. The warranty information should cover both the materials and the work done.

●        Termination clause. The termination clause addresses the conditions of terminating the job contract.

●        Waste Removal. The roofing company or a designated third-party will be responsible for the removal of all waste at the conclusion of the job.

Lock Down the Final Price

A quality roofer should inspect your home before agreeing to the job so they have a clear understanding of what the job will entail. They should be able to explain the scope of the project and any issues that may increase its complexity.


However, the estimate is still just an educated guess. The unexpected can still occur once the project begins. For instance, there may be sections of a rotting roof that were hidden during the inspection. This may cause a sudden increase in the cost of the project. Many contractors include a section in the estimate that plans for unexpected issues.


The final price may deviate slightly, but by getting an official written estimate, you’ll hold the contractor accountable for their work. And while a written estimate is not the same thing as a contract, it will spell out what is to be expected from the roofer throughout the course of the project. So, lock down the final price as much as possible.

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