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Three Cold-Weather Elements That Can Damage Your Roof

Minnesota winters are unforgiving. It doesn’t take long for the temperature to plummet and the precipitation to arrive. Once the weather conditions set in, they go to work on your roof and wreak havoc on all the components. If you neglect to call Intelligent Design to inspect or maintain your residential or commercial roof, you could be looking at significant repairs and or an expensive roof replacement. Below, we explore all the ways that freezing weather can damage your roof. If you need repairs right away, contact our roofing company. We can help.

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Ice Dam Removal

A beaver makes a dam in order to block off water so he can create a home. Mother Nature, on the other hand, creates another type of dam caused by weather. This particular blockade is called an ice dam, and it can be quite destructive to a home. And it may even cost the homeowner a great deal of money to fix it.

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