As a society, we are learning about various ways to reduce our carbon footprint, keep our homes cooler, and improve our energy efficiency. In fact, many of the ways in which we do these things using our roofs aren’t necessarily new ways. Some have been around for years. If you are considering a green roof or a cool roof, you will find that both have many benefits and both look pretty cool on your home.

What Are Green Roofs?

Although used by many homeowners, green roofs aren’t as common as other types of roofs. Green roofs are made using vegetation, either completely or partially. As such, you may hear these types of roofs referred to as living roofs. Green roofs are known throughout the industry as providing exceptional thermal performance and insulation for roofs. Of course, as a living material, the time of year you install a green roof will impact your roof’s performance. A study conducted by researchers in Chicago estimated that if every building’s roof was green, buildings could realize energy savings of $100,000,000 each year.

In addition to creating great thermal energy coverage, green roofs are great for the environment. These roofs reduce emissions and improve air quality. They also benefit wildlife by creating biodiversity within existing habitats.

What Are Cool Roofs?

Cool roofs look more like traditional roofs. They are roofs that are made of roofing materials that are manufactured to help you keep your home cool. For instance, metal roofs are a form of cool roofs. Ultimately, cool roofs have a reflective property that prevents much of the thermal energy its exposed to from entering your home. As a result, you don’t have to worry about running your air conditioning non-stop because you have your cool roof helping you keep your home comfortable.

Which Roof Should You Choose?

Ultimately, the roof you choose is based on your preference. If you care a lot about your environment, and you want to keep your home cool, then you may gravitate more towards a green roof. However, if you want a one-and-done solution, then you may find that installing a metal roof that reflects the rays of the sun more attractive.

If you want to learn more about the types of roofing materials that will keep your home cool, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are a leader in roofing in the Minneapolis, MN area, and we are happy to do roofing consultations, evaluations, replacements, and installs.