Although your roof is sturdy and can withstand a lot, it’s not impervious to severe weather. Roofs that may be approaching their final years or those that are already damaged are at risk of collapsing during the winter months. Fortunately, you can improve the condition of your roof to ensure that it doesn’t collapse and threaten your family’s safety.

Prevent Snow from Building Up

Snow and hail may be a wonder to most people, but for homeowners both are nightmares. The fluffy white stuff seems light and airy as it comes down, but if you allow snow to accumulate it becomes extremely heavy. The weight of snow on a weakened roof can be damaging. Under the right conditions, the weight of the snow could cause important weight-bearing supports to give and make your roof collapse.

Stop Ice Dams

Ice and snow that build up along the eaves of your roof are another danger that could lead to your roof collapsing. The ice and snow prevent precipitation from sliding off your roof causing ice dams. If you allow ice dams to build up, you increase the chances of your roof collapsing because they help snow and ice accumulate on your roof.

How You Can Prevent Your Roof from Collapsing

Fortunately, you don’t have to stand back and allow winter weather to damage your roofing. There are things you can do to strengthen your roof and protect your family in the process. In most cases, protecting your roof starts with a phone call to our team at Intelligent Design Corp.

Remedy structural problems immediately. One of the easiest ways to prevent your roof from collapsing is to hire a professional team to repair any structural issues you have with your roof. Our team specializes in roofing repair. By taking advantage of our services you can ensure that your roof remains intact during severe winter weather.

Have a winter plan in place this year. If the weather forecast calls for extreme weather, then you should have a plan in place to mitigate the effects of snow and ice on your roof. Salting or raking your roof will help prevent snow and ice from accumulating, which will alleviate the strain your roof has to endure.

Remove ice dams immediately. When you notice ice dams building up on your roof, remove them. By removing ice dams, you allow your roof to function as it should. Instead of snow accumulating, it can slide down your roof onto the ground.

Winter weather can present unique challenges to homeowners. Fortunately, with a little preparation, including allowing our team at Intelligent Design Corp to repair your roofing, you can mitigate the risks winter weather presents.