Business owners take on a variety of responsibilities. Among those responsibilities include ensuring all aspects of the building are in the best shape possible, including the roof. Because your building’s roof plays an important role in protecting your building from natural forces, you should take the time to properly maintain and service it.


Intelligent Design Corp provides professional commercial roofing services for business owners in Minneosta. In addition to properly maintaining your roof, you should also schedule prompt repairs for any damage you notice. Our team will work quickly to help you maximize your building’s safety and security.

Steps for Commercial Roof Maintenance

●        Maintain a Clean Roof

Overtime, excessive amount of dirt, debris, branches, and other particles can accumulate on your roof. This accumulation can result in fast deterioration and building damage. To ensure your roof repains clean and properly operating, schedule a regular cleaning a few times a year. The team at Intelligent Design Corp can assist you with expert roof maintenance services that will effectively remove all accumulated debris from your roof.


●        Schedule Professional Inspections

Experienced and professional roofing contractors are able to notice even the smallest, yet threatening, forms of damage. By regularly scheduling a professional roof inspection, you’ll be able to stay on top necessary repairs. Intelligent Design Corp provides prompt and efficient inspections so you can feel confident about your building’s roof all year long.


●        Remove Ice Dams

Ice dams are harmful to your building’s roof and foundation. Ice dams weigh down on your building’s foundation and cause water damage to your roof. This can result in costly damages and tough repairs down the road. To prevent this damage from occurring, contact Intelligent Design Corp for fast and professional ice dam removal services. We’ll help you protect your building from enduring costly damages.


●        Watch for Mold

When your building’s roof experience moisture damage, you’ll start to notice mold growth on your building’s exterior or interior. Keeping an eye out for mold growth will help you stay ahead of roof damage that can develop into more severe issues. Additionally, promptly removing mold can help you maintain a safe and comfortable building.


●        Schedule Prompt Repairs

If you notice damaged areas on your building’s roof, be sure to schedule a repair as soon as possible. Ignoring damage and leaving it to worsen can severely compromise your building’s foundation and integrity. For fast and efficient roofing services, contact Intelligent Design Corp.


Proper maintenance is key to sustaining a durable and trustworthy commercial roof. For expert assistance and roofing services, contact Intelligent Design Corp today at 763-315-0745.