As an important aspect of your home, recognizing signs your roof is worn out is critical. For the wellbeing of your household as a whole, heed these several signs that indicate your roof has seen better days and may be in need of an update or replacement.

Staining or Leaks on the Roof

One of the most apparent signs of a malfunctioning roof is noticeable water damage on the interior of your home. When you start to notice water spots and discoloration along your walls and ceiling, look at your roof and inspect it for spots of wear and tear. It is important to tend to excessive moisture and water damage as soon as possible to avoid damaging your home’s foundation.

Sun Shining Through Attic

If you notice daylight shining through holes and cracks in your attic, it could indicate your roof’s surface is cracking and breaking. In addition to permitting daylight in, these various holes and cracks also allow air leaks and moisture to access your home. To prevent these cracks from causing further issues, contact a reputable roofing contractor such as Intelligent Design Corporation to repair the damaged areas.

A Caveat

It’s good to watch for signs of cracks and holes in your roof—but sunlight doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with your roof. Many of these structures are made with strategically placed vents that are crucial for proper ventilation and thus the prolonged functionality of the roof. Without these vents, the space would trap warm, humid air, resulting in ice dams and structural degradation.


So how do you know if a hole is problematic or not? Simple: check if it’s man-made. Vents, regardless of their location, look like they were put there on purpose, while roof leaks or animal infestations are much more irregular in shape and location. While some vents can be an issue if your home was designed poorly, this is a good rule of thumb to follow if you’re taking a cursory look at your roof’s welfare.


Check out this article from the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants to learn more about attic ventilation! If you’re at all concerned about yours, contact a roofing contractor for personalized advice.

Animal Infestations

It’s not a hard-and-fast rule that if you’ve got unwanted neighbors in your attic, your roof is shot—but poor maintenance and pest problems certainly go hand-in-hand, and anything living up there is certain to be quite destructive.


Animals like squirrels can chew their way into the attic space, leaving you with one of those nasty holes we talked about earlier. This can lead to moisture problems, damp insulation, and more. Mold problems as a result of defecation can also become an issue, as they’re much more destructive than meets the eye and require far more than a cursory cleaning. Finally, there’s the issue of unprotected wires which, when chewed on, can quickly create fire damage.


Long story short: though a roof can certainly be saved if animals have been living in it, the work is bound to be extensive. You’ll first need the help of an exterminator, then a roofing company, if you hope to salvage this part of your home.

Cracked Paint

When excess moisture from a faulty roof builds on the exterior of your house, it can result in cracked or chipped paint. If you notice the paint around your home’s roof starts to appear worn away, consider scheduling a professional inspection for your roof.

Old Age

If you think your home’s asphalt shingles have exceeded their 15-20 year lifespan, contact a roofing company to conduct a professional inspection. A team of qualified contractors will be able to determine if your roof has experienced years of wear and tear and is in need of repair or updating.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Throughout the years, shingles can become worn down and fail to protect your home the way they used to. If you notice your roof’s shingles start to crack or curl, that typically indicates your roof is wearing down. Additionally, when your roof is missing shingles due to high winds and years of taking on natural elements, your roof won’t be able to perform well; this can also indicate you might be a candidate for replacement.

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