Who doesn’t like a fabulous, sunny social spot? Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a pro household host, or a lover of family gatherings, your outdoor living area matters. Why not outfit your porch area with high-quality, cost-efficient decking built to last? Lavish your guests with today’s most memorable deck materials—hand-crafted from cutting-edge industry artisans. Check out these beautiful options:

Treated Lumber Decking

Treated lumber is one of today’s most affordable deck options. Comprised of fir and pine wood, each segment is injected with premium materials which resist bad weather, mold, mildew, and insects. Classy, functional, and timeless, treated lumber is perfect for the active homeowner who loves treating guests to a memorable social area.

Cedar Lumber Decking

If you want to achieve the peak of an all-natural, warm environment, cedar lumber is a great option. Crafted from a tree’s heartwood, cedar lumber doesn’t absorb moisture. Its warm, rich appearance is a sight to behold—and it’s only outmatched by its incredibly soft surface. Cedar lumber is the perfect addition to a cozy, sociable atmosphere. Not only is it sleek, but it’s easy to maintain. Cost-effective and beautiful, this decking option is one of the most popular around. It’s also adaptable, so you can customize your deck area for maximum lounging comfort.

The Maintenance-Free Option

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s “hands off.” You’re in luck. Many homeowners get tired of staining, painting, and getting touch-up repairs over the years. Continuous board replacement requires time and money. If your deck gets old, you’ll need to keep tabs on it—and get it examined often.

Fortunately, you can go with a maintenance-free option. Your deck builder can remove the old wood and even the railings to install a sturdy, long-lasting deck. Maintenance-free decking uses wood-grain, providing unparalleled beauty via a premium, ageless installation.

Trex decking is one of today’s leading providers of exquisite, vibrant, maintenance-free options. Each option is stain resistant, fade resistant, scratch resistant, and even mold resistant. Crafted from 95 percent recycled board, Trex decking is both one of the most cost-effective and “green” options around.

Call Your Deck Builder Today

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