Just like winter, Minnesota summers can be a pain. To beat the heat and stay comfortable in your home, it’s important to make sure everything is in working order before the heat comes. Here, Intelligent Design will go over some things to consider this summer that may end up saving you money.


●        Check Your Roof

Over time, all roofs need repairs or need to be replaced. The roof is obviously the first place affected when the heat rises or if there are difficult weather conditions. It’s the first line of defense for the rest of your home. Every year, you should have your roof inspected to ensure everything is functioning properly. Some things to look at or fix are: missing shingles, repairing leaks, warps, or cracks, restoring ventilation, and maybe even replacing your shingles with a metal roof.


●        Check The Walls

The roof of your home may be the first line of defense, but the walls are the second in line. Having durable siding is key to keeping the interior of your home cool. Not only is siding affordable, but it also saves you energy and is easy for a contractor to install. Protecting the outside of your home helps keep the elements out and the air conditioning or heat inside.


●        Insulation Ties It Together

While roofs and siding provide outside defense to the elements, insulation keeps the inside of your home a comfortable temperature all year round. If your home is not fully insulated, it’s difficult to control the temperature inside. According to research, proper insulation can save you 50-75% annually in energy bills. Insulation is the best way to control the temperature of your home, so getting it inspected and repaired is key to saving money and energy and staying comfortable.


●        Updated Windows

Especially in older houses, the windows may not always be effective when it comes to keeping drafts out, which can cost you money and energy. Like most things, windows deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. New, energy-efficient windows have a lower U-factor for installation. Additionally, they are better at keeping UV rays out of your home and fit tighter to installation.


●        Make Upgrades If You’re Remodeling

It may not seem like a way to keep your home cool, but when you are remodeling parts of your home, choosing new, energy-efficient technology can both save you money and keep you cool when the outdoor temperatures heat up. When you’re remodeling a room, it gives you the opportunity to update everything in it, such as the windows, installation, ceiling, or floors. Choosing new, energy-efficient products is a simple way to stay cool.

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