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What is the Best Attic Insulation?

To protect your home from the outside elements, contractors add insulation throughout top, bottom, and sides of the structure. Insulation provides a solid barrier that keeps out drafts and humidity or moisture. Attics require insulation so that there is a buffer between the sun’s heat and the inhabitable areas of the home’s interior.

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5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

As the temperature rises outside, you need to maintain the ability to control the climate inside your home. Below are five tips that will help you keep your home cool all summer long while reducing your energy bills.

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6 Summer Ready Remodeling Idea

Summer is here. Now is the time for you to launch those home remodeling projects you’ve always wanted to do. Below is a list of seven of the most popular renovations that will add value and beauty to your home by summer’s end.

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